Return to RBA, "Just Stop"

by Peter Marus

Last night i did something I haven't done in over a year.  I went to a game at Red Bull Arena and stood in the supporters section.  It was good to see a bunch of people I haven't seen in person in a while. It was good to see that they were all happy to see me and not in the polite way.  I guess social media helps that.  I am glad to see so many people there, and I felt happy going there.


I stopped going to games for a while due to the bullshit I couldn't stand surrounding the supporters clubs.  It was there a little bit last night, but nothing I couldn't handle.  I've grown since I was there, and that helped.  I can go to games now and not feel the stress or anger I once did.  I hope to get to another game soon, and maybe hit one of my old haunts to see what the vibe is there.  I was around some of the old cats last night, and for the most part I guess it was ok.  Hard to say if some still for some reason hold ill will twords me, but hey that's their fucking problem not mine.  


On the way back I was listening to some music on my iPhone, and this song came up.  I think it's one of the band Disturbed's greatest songs I've ever heard.  It has a powerful message, and one I can get behind.  It's alos a song that helped inspire me to better myself and start looking for more positive things n life, as well as stop trying to be negative and snarky with others.  The song is called "Just Stop" and I found a video with the song ans lyrics, since I think the lyrics are amazing, on top of one kick ass song.