helping others, and looking good doing it

by Peter Marus

Since I have been out of work, I've noticed my mindset has changed.  I started to really focus on how I should be different when I enter the workforce.  I have slowiy started to see that helping others helps one self on several different levels.  A long time ago, I decided to keep myself surrounded by people I want to help make better and those who;s positivity helps me.  I spent the past weekend with people who were like this, and it was a MUCH more enjoyable experience than if I went with people who I associated with years ago.  Humans to be their best should and need to be around people who not only help elevate you, but with that you also help elevate them.  It's relationships I enjoy and find the most fulfilling.


One place I stated to change my ways to help others is looking at where I buy clothing.  Recently I was introduced to two companies, Toms Shoes and Kai-Kai Sandals.  These compantis make some great products, and have a purpose for what they do.  Toms, for example, will give a person in need a pair of shoes with each purchase of their shoes by consumers-one to one.  Kai-Kai allows you to trade in your sandals for 20% off of your next pair, and if the used sandals are in good shape, they will give them to people in need.


COmpanies like these are ones I think should get your money before Adidas or Nike.  Unlike those companies, who are only helping others out of PR or necessity, Companies like Toms and Kai-Kai are BUILT form the gorund up to help people.  All I need is to finc companies that make the following, and all my clothing will be bought to not only cover my ass, but to help cover or help other people's asses:


-button down shirts-long and short sleeve, 





I hope you take the time next time you look for your next clothing pruchase and rather than get that "name brand", look for companies that truly help others with the money you use to purchase their goods or services.