One Door Shut, now to get another to open, Google +

by Peter Marus

So Today I went to see if I made it into this program that I've mentioned before here.  it's the program about getting free education to obtain some computer certifications and help to get a job.  I went into today to find out if this study that is partly paying for the program will put me in the group that would get the training, or the control group that won't.  I was put in the control group of this program, that I figure is measuring how much the training helps poor or unemployed people get getter jobs than those who didn't get the program.  SO I wont get the training, can't re-apply at this place for three years, but I did get a $20 metrocard.  So who's the big winner?? ME!!!  I'm a little bummed about not making it in, but at the same time shit happens for a reason.  There is a reason God doesn't want me in the program.  I'm going to look elsewhere to get the training.  I'm not worried, as i said, God didn't want me there and he has an idea where he wants me.  I'll find my spot and be happy there.  Lesson of the entry: keep plugging and just remember there's a purpose and a reason things happen in our lives.  Just keep moving upward and forward after learning from the mistakes.


I'm one of the cool people that is in Google+, their new social network.  I like it, a lot.  It has a lot more organization and privacy settings than facebook, as well as the ability to get your data and info out without issue.  I"ve been playing with it the past couple days, and I just need more friends to be in my circles.  I like that I can post things to certain groups of people, or to the public.  I can simly group people together to help organize and socialize with them in the context I want to.  I can post one thing to my friends, but not my family or aquaintences.  I like the layout and the relaively simpicity of it, yet I can do complex things if I want to.  It's still an early beta, and there are still some kinks to be worked out, but I like Google + a lot more than Facebook.  I hope to see some of you guys on it, I got invites if needed but only if I know you.