Atlantic City, The Poconos=Jersey 2.0, Working out, Guns

by Peter Marus

this past Saturday I went to Atlantic City by bus.  First time I’ve been down there that way.  Bus trips are always interesting, and I still much prefer not to take a bus.  I don’t know why, but to me driving in a car or taking a train seems like a better experience.  I guess having so many shitty soccer bus trips has soured me.  This bus was not bad, much better than any bus I’ve ever been on before.  


Anyway, I get down there, did some gambling, and walked the boardwalk.  I had fun doing all that, despite losing at gambling.  This trip was a day trip, but honestly to fully enjoy it down there it feels like you need to spend a couple days down there.  Maybe in the future I will do that.  Also in the future, I want to go to the casinos in the Poconos.  I hear they are pretty nice as well.


Speaking of the Poconos, I went up there last weekend for the day to go shooting at a gun range.  I spent the day shooting all kinds of guns, from a .22 hand gun to an AR30 sniper rifle.  I see where people get their kicks from shooting guns.  It’s a powerful thing, and also a good stress relief.  Some of the power these guns have did amaze me, and made me respect the gun more.  I’m hoping to do more shooting at some point.


It was an odd experience going up there.  A lot of memories came back to me.  It felt good seeing some of the old spots, but I also remembered why I haven’t been back there in so long.  I remember up there seeing so much beautiful forests, stretches of roads where no one was on it, and just enjoying nature.  Now it seems up there that it decided to turn into Jersey 2.0.  Strip malls, after strip malls, and it just looks like Jersey or Long Island.  It was a shock, and made me wonder where all the money for this stuff came from?  When I was up there, everyone bitched they were broke.  The housing market up there went to Hell, and people were struggling.  Apparently there is some money up there, or it’s like Florida: where it’s cheap to live up there but no one’s making money up there and have to commute elsewhere.  


Finally, I’ve decided I haven’t had enough physical pain in my life, I decided to hit the gym two days a week.  My girlfriend joined a gym, and I go as her guest.  I'm going to several reasons.  First it’s a way to hang out with her.  Second, she wants someone ther with her to keep her going.  Third, I could use more work.  I am not going to build muscle and be diesel, more bigger muscles=more oxygen needed to fuel them=less in the gas tank.  I'm going to get my cardio up, trim down a bit, and a little more strength to help with my BJJ game.  Went for the first time Wed. night and the next night went to BJJ.  Legs were sore going into BJJ class, but I felt OK.  My only problem was that I didn’t full stretch for some reason at the gym, so my calves felt tight for a few days.  If I can get my cardio improved, which is my biggest negative in BJJ, I'll be a happy man.