Hip/Fanny Packs, People and their quirks, Baseball, Women's World Cup

by Peter Marus

Happy belated Fourth of July.  I'll have you know I still have both my hands and all my fingers, and hopefully you all do as well.  Had a good weekend spending time with people I enjoy spending time with.  


So I decided to try to use something that many wouldn't really expect.  I decided to use a hip pack (or as many call them, fanny pack) rather than the pockets in my shorts or pants.  I decided this for several reasons.  First, it’s easier to have it all in one spot than have everything in several different pockets or locations.  Plus lets say I have to go through security, rather than having to empty all my pockets, I just throw this pack to security and that’s that.  Also, I’m not on the prowl looking for ass, so I really don't care what anyone thinks of me wearing it.  Even if I was, I’d still wear it to help weed out the ones not worthy of me.  See, that’s still something I always never really got.  People, men and women, always hide their unique qualities and quirks, and lie to others.  Then when their freakiness comes out, they hope the other person can accept it.  Personally, I figure let it all out, and eventually you will find someone that will either put up with you, or find your qualities appealing.  


Anyway, so I am wearing the hip pack, it does what I need it to do, and I don’t care what others think.  Besides, Hulk Hogan, Joe Rogan, and Chuck Norris wears packs, so I'm in good company.


I sat down and watched some baseball for a bit.  I used to love the game, but with how the game has evolved into a game where overpaid wussies who are now “specialists” and can only be used in some situations, the game’s pace slowed down and my interest started to wane.  I see a lot of highlights on ESPN, and I would really like to get back into the game, but after watching sports like football, soccer, hockey, and even MMA, Baseball seems just old and slow.  If MLB were able to speed up the game, and somehow get more ballplayers-like the players 20-30 years ago were where they played their balls off no matter what happened-than just athletes to play, I’d start watching.


Women’s World Cup has been fun to watch.  There is some nice eye candy on the field, and some really nasty players.  Some games are more intense than men’s games.  No matter some cultures fear women and put them in charge.