I've been busy, trying to get an A+ in A+, getting better at BJJ, "closing" the Facebook...for now

by Peter Marus

Yeah, I've been slacking on writing.   I have a reason though.  I"ve been taking classes for my A+ certification.  In short that makes me a PC tech.  So far so good.  I feel more and more confident each class this is something I want to do and how "right" and "good" it feels for me.  After this I am goin got another ceritification, but I should start looking for work after I get the first one.  Actually I should get a job now doing something to make some cash.  That's another project.


Another thing that has kept me busy is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  The past couple weeks I've seen my game and skill grow a lot, and starting to surpirse some people.  Thats also a good shot to the confidence.  Every class I feel good, and feel like I am better than I was before the class, but not anywhere near the potential I have yet to achieve.  Actually, I feel about that when it comes to a lot in life.  Gives me something to move forward to.


One thing I've been toying with experimenting with (bear with me, this is sort of going around to different subjects tonight) is stop using Facebook, and focusing on using Twitter and Google+ as my main sources of social media.  Facebook seems like redundant now with the others, thought more use Facebook I get more form the other two sites.  So I may stop using my Facebook account (not delete it, just not check it as often-maybe I'll come back to it) and focus on the others.  Twitter and Google+ are fantastic sources of social media and information.  I wish there were more people I knew on there, but it's still an early project.  I think it has more to offer than Facebook, and I don't feel as evil using Google+ as  do with Facebook.   So if you need me, I'll be over there for a while, and if you need an invite for Google+, hit me up.