TV Hurricane Coverage

by Peter Marus

Seeing it's my birthday as I write this, I thought I'd be really nice and put another entry here.  So yes, I am giving YOU a gift.  Be happy and enjoy this.


So the big bad hurricane came rolling through, and luckily for me and my family there was minimal damage.  I was up all night long making sure things were good and in order.  I said to people I was not really worried about this storm, and I said that for the following reasons:

1. 9/10 times the news and media tends to blow things out if proportion to almost sickening levels, all for that extra rating point.  In fact, I just saw a spot on the news sponsoring the storm coverage that in reality should just be a civil service.  Not saying things are not as bad as it seems, just need to put some things in perspective.
2. As far as NY at least, unlike most of the costal areas in the country, buildings here in NYC are built on rock not sand, and are built with heavier material.
3.  Some may not realize this, but the city and Northeast are hit with "Hurricanes" somewhat often, just they are called Nor'easters in the wintertime.  Instead of crazy rains, it's snow.  It's windy, not as windy as most hurricanes, but I remember winds of some Nor'easters being 70-80 mph.


Now, the last two reasons should be self explanatory, and seem like they make the most sense.  the first one is what I am going to write about now, since that enraged me most.


First, television news sucks in general.  When it comes to events like this storm, it gets even worse.  I'll break it down into bullet points to show you this:

-First, a television station should have the first priority to pass on to the public information and news to keep the pubic safe.  In fact, they have a responsibility to.  When I turned on the news yesterday and say that "storm coverage was sponsored by..." I got really pissed and changed the station.  They are profiting off a potential disaster, which in wartime is called profiteering.  Fucking disgusting

-During a storm, when the news team is on for hours, I get the commercial breaks are needed.  I dont' think that's a proper time to throw i the spots saying they are the best news team.  It's fucking irrelevant, just give me the info I need.

-On the same note, stop pimping your gimmick news gathering ideas.  I can give a shit you have a SUV with a cell connection "so the people can see what's going on in the streets as the anchor drives around".  GIVE ME THE INFO YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO GIVE THE PUBLIC!!!  First it was "Who has the fanciest gimmick name for a fucking radar", then it was "Who has the best helicopter that can film it's own crash the best and in HD", now it's "who has the best cell reception that can use all the hip, new interwebz to get the news".

-News station person, I'm watching your broadcast, dont' tell me to follow you on Twitter or be your pal on Facebook, Tell me what I need to hear now and not in an @ reply or spam message.  Also stop telling the public your reporters' twitter handles, we barely give a shit about them on TV, why would we care online.  Also there are creeps online and some of the news sluts are hot, not just skanky looking.

-Anchors, we know that you have a lot of time to fill on air, but don't let your ego show and think it's about you and your opinion on things or some cute story about your life.  Just tell us the info.  We dont' care if you think the people who didn't evacuate and are staying in their homes are stupid. I hate when the anchor or reporter belittles these people on air.  They choose to do what they want to do, don't try to guilt or shame them into feeling how you think they are.  When you see the person do/say something back to the reporter after the reporter says something, good the reporter deserved it.  Stick with the facts, stop fucking editorializing.

-Meteorologists in NYC area, and on most national cable networks have three things in common: they all love men (think about that for a second), they are nothing more than chimps in front of a green screen as the real meteorologist in the back do all the work, and they all should just SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THE FEAR MONGERING!!!  They think because they allegedly have a skill in telling the weather, they have a right to use their faux-skills to strike fear into the viewer.  "OH MY GOD, THIS WILL BE A CAT 4 OR 5 STORM, WE GUNNA DIE!!"  or "Here's a rendering of how NYC WILL, and I mean WILL look when the storm hits.  the entire lower half of Manhattan will be underwater and anyone there will drown".  Christ, tell me what I need to know, not what's the WORST POSSIBLE THING EVER that will happen.  Just because they can put a Dr. in front of their name, doesn't mean they are as smart as one.  Usually the more jargon and technical terms use means the less they actually know and are trying to hide it. 

That's what I thought of the hurricane coverage.