9/11, home of the free Land of the brave?

by Peter Marus

Yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 incident. I won't bore you again with what happened to me on that day, since I'm sure some of you are sick of hearing about people's stories about that day. I want to vent on what has happened in the past decade since, where this nation that's built on freedom is anything but free, and it's getting more and more less free. Its less free, and those oppressing the people are now, or going to, profit from this oppression.

Look at how our freedom to travel has been slowly taken away. It wasn't long ago where air travel was pushed as THE way to travel, and everyone should be taking planes for long distances. Since that started, the government and airlines started to extort more and more money from the passengers with the baggage fees. This isn't even including the surcharges that are allegedly charged to pay for security, where I have the choice to be blasted with cancerous radiation in a tube while some high school fuckup stares at my junk, or be molested by same high school dropout who is given a lot more power than a rent a cop should have. The security theater is a joke: as I said, look at those who are in the security team-bunch of people who are either failed cops, kids who don't know shit about shit (and easily mind controlled with the paranoia bullshit the TSA feeds them), or insecure failures in society that now act like they have power.

Along with this, since what happened 10 years ago, I shouldn't be treated like I'm the problem. We know who did the deed (or at least what the media/government have told us who did it), why should an old ass man be treated like they are a potential problem? At this point, I'll refer to the media and government as one in the same, since the "free" media is horribly compromised by a the government (many in one works in the other at some point and still keep the relationships of their past). The media profits from the artificial fear and propaganda the government puts out there. People can't voice their opinions on the government-freedom of speech-without the specter of being accused of a "terrorist threat", or at least being "Unamerican". The scripted tv shows and media have been pushing the anti-constitution memes on the people to get them used to their rights being taken away from them. Shows like "law and Order" have slowly been introducing the idea of Habeus Corpus isn't needed. Shows like "24" are showing that warrants or due process isn't needed on anyone, not just the suspect they are worried about. Also shows like these try to point out that detaining the suspect without any process is acceptable. All this is to justify the fascist bill called the PATRIOT ACT that is shredding the rights of the people they are trying to protect.

To distract and keep the people ignorant, reality programming was made. Also shows making the people focus their energy on suppress the freedom of speech has started to come out. The media have been telling everyone "word hurt" and we shouldn't say anything bad about others, especially the government. There was a poll I saw that polled teenagers who agreed that sometimes RIGHTS SHOULD BE TAKEN AWAY, AND PEOPLE SHOULD BE PUNISHED BY THE GOVERNMENT FOR SAYING "BAD" THINGS. If you are reading this and have kids who remotely believe that, kick you kid in the head, they are acting retarded.. UH OH, I USED THE R WORD!!! I HOPE THE COPS OR A LAWYER DON'T COME AFTER ME!!! OH NOES!!! see, I used the word, you read it, and the world didn't fall into chaos. That is applicable to many words-words are just words, people who need attention put meaning behind some.

This nation and world are making people think they can't think for themselves, and need the media and a government to tell them what's going on. It's sickening and frightening. What's even more sick is how many in the government have or are now profiting from the fear and reality distortion field they are making. Look at the heads of the companies who have the big money contracts with the Department of Homeland Security, all have had a job in the post-9/11 governments, and are making money of their inside info. In fact, the DHS is now the second or third largest department in the US Government, and have been merging with a lot of smaller departments they shouldn't have anything to do with, but are and have influence on aspects of US citizens lives. Why should they have anything to do with FEMA, a wing of the government that handles disaster aid?

Sadly, most of the people of this nation are too ignorant, stupid or scared to say or do anything. It's not really their fault, they are just not built like previous generations that question things that isn't right. Those that do question the status quo, they are called crackpots, crazy, and if their questions are voiced louder by others? TERROR ALERT!!! SOMETHING MAY GO DOWN SOMEWHERE, WE DONT KNOW WHO, WHAT,OR HOW BUT IT WILL!! That is just to keep people in check and shut them up. In reality, terror alerts are either threats on those who bucking the system saying a false-flag attack will happen to make the Government look right and justify further oppression, or it's a smoke screen for the DHS to go at the nay-Sayers in secret without anyone noticing.

Think about the past decade, and tell me how I am wrong. It's frightening how this nation is going the same route of many great nations and empires. Paranoia and decline is coming in, and if we continue this path, even more wars will come, and the barbarians will take us down due to our over-expansion, the politicians corruptions and bickering, and distraction of the enemies we don't know, rather than the enemies we do know.