First time in a while since I am not lazy enough to update this

by Peter Marus

So it's been a while since my last rant. So far I passed one exam, and I have one more tomorrow. First test wasn't that hard, especially since the practice tests I took had a lot of the same questions asked on the actual test. I am hoping tomorrow to be the same type of situation, so I should be able to pass the test.

One thing I was supposed to write about was the MakerFaire event I went to the other weekend. It's put on by the magazine Make. It's a haven for those who like to tinker and modify and just try to innovate with things that were originally ordinary products. It also was a good source of crafts and craftsmanship. My favorite part was seeing all the 3D printers like the MakerBot in action. They are CNC machines that use plastic to create things that are drawn in 3D on a computer. One group used the machines to make models, some made jewelry, and one had a version of the machine to make chocolate and candies. Also among the exhibits were electronics and robotics. What I came away from this event with is how important subjects like math, sciences, art, and shop classes are important to help cultivate the next generations of inventors or innovators. Sadly, these classes are usually slashed and burned by school districts.

Last weekend I went to an arts show in Manhattan. It was an affordable arts show, by that I me it wasn't only called that but it was really affordable art....compared to Monets. There were some really nice pieces there that I would have loved to buy, like some MMA themed art. My girlfriend did pick up a nice piece, so she can add that to her collection. Again, this shows how important it is to have art programs. At the very least it gives psychos an outlet to vent rather than murdering several people, beheading them, and putting the bodies in embarrassing positions to shame the victims. Then again that could be considered art by some people.

Some TV stuff. My new favorite show is "Carfellas" on Discovery channel. It's a show about some fine Italian Americans that run a used car lot on Long Island. It shows them making deals and running their business. They go out to look at and try to buy cars for their lot, as well as negotiate with people over their cars the people are looking to sell or buy. I find it to be funny, and better than "Jersey Shore". also "The Ultimate Fighter" is back, and it's probably already the best season of the show. Why? JASON "MAYHEM" MILLER IS A COACH. That means more entertainment and zaniness and craziness on deck.

That's all I got. Needed to update this