Job Hunt Update, Giants!!!!!

by Peter Marus

GIANTS!!!! G-MEN!!! WOOHOO!!! Yeah, I'm happy with the Giants making the Super Bowl.  Now, as I said on Google+, Fredo Manning gets to go to his brother's house and show that he's SMAAAART!!! only hope is that there's not a fishing trip after the game.  So, Indy and the Pats, remember this little fact 

One thing about some companies offering jobs and posting them on other sites:  Why do you insist on having me register with your site, as if you are a service I am going to use?  I never understood that.  If I'm applying for one job, I really am not interested in any other jobs you are offering, especially if I saw them posted earlier.  It's something that bugs me.  It's almost as dumb as some companies that have an entire application to have me fill out, then have at the end "attach your resume", which has the EXACT info I just put in the application you made me fill out.  I get that it may be a database/filtering process, but at the same time I just find it not needed.  Just a pet peeve of mine.  

next phase of my job hunt is temp agencies.  I have several I'm going to apply to.  I did the temp route in the past, so I have a better idea of how to handle it.  Hope they are able to assist me in the way I need them to, rather than just try to plug me in somewhere to get a commission.