Debates and the "free elections" in our nation

by Peter Marus

What a farce the debates were.  First off, why weren’t all the candidates running for the highest office in the land even represented at the debates?  The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and the Green Parry candidate Jill Stein were not allowed to join in on the debate.  This is despite the face that both candidates were more than qualified by the debate commission’s own rules, where both were on at lest 80% of the ballots.  Stein was arrested outside Hofstra University, the glorified community college where the debate was held, last night.  She was going in there to participate-she again stated she was qualified to-and the cops arrested her.  As you see, the “free elections” we force on other countries is a just as much of a farce here, and not every voice or opinion is represented in the most important election.

We should not be shocked by this.  Both the Democrats and Republicans have the commission in their pockets, and the two parties wrote the rules for the commission.  It’s absolutely disgusting.  The Two party system has hijacked everything, and when another party comes up to try to be part of the process, they are usually co-opted by one or the other and they are made to be just an offshoot of one of the two parties.  The two script the “debates” so much, even the questions in the town hall “debate” are clearly planted (watch the video and see how many of the “undecided voter” rubes couldn’t memorize the questions ahead of time).  It’s almost goddamn insulting to be honest.  I wouldn’t be shocked if the candidates’ banter and “fighting” weren’t scripted as well.  Pro wrestling has more unscripted moments.  

It’s clear to me how scripted everything is, since the news channels need the stories to keep going until Election day.  THey need the attention and content, so they get the two parties-who also probably have their agents in these stations influencing the memes and stories-to “keep it close”.  Always remember, no matter how much of a straight shooter the candidates are (which they arenn’t-we’d see them for the bullshit artists they are more), all shoots are somewhat works.  

Weighing in the situation, and seeing how the Green Party candidate was handled, I am out of spite voting third party.  I cannot see myself wasting my vote on one of these two dopes.  Gary Johnson 2012