Thoughts on two "Influential" books

by Peter Marus

It’s amazing how much people can take a piece of fiction and somehow get something to build a movement or even a religion from.  Sadly, some of the fiction chosen isn’t even any good.  Take the two that I hear a lot of, and I find complete garbage, “Atlas Shrugged: by Ayn Rand, and “Dianetics” by L. Ron Hubbard.  

“Atlas Shrugged” is the more relevant one that a movement has been built around.  It’s a story by a paranoid woman many years ago about how the government is becoming a communist state where they have their thumbs in all industry.  In the story, there are some who rebel against this, and wants free markets that will provide for all, not the government-controlled one that only benefits the elites.  This is the book that many firms on Wall Street require new employees to read and follow (that and the Six Sigma BS management/problem solving theory), and many in the Republican, and parts of the Libertarian parties base their beliefs around.  It’s insane that a horribly written, ill-conceived trite is what idiots in power use as a base of their platforms and business decisions.  I'm not one for government all up on my life, but what “Atlas Shrugged” talks about, it’s almost a cult and an economic version of another book that’s nothing more than glorified toilet paper, “Left Behind.”  What the book talks about wouldn’t happen, though according to the Republicans it is.  What’s really happening is that the opposite is happening, and it’s not benefiting the public, but the elites.  

“Dianetics” was written by a hack Science Fiction “writer” L. Ron Hubbard.  His garbage talked about one’s soul and how it goes into different levels like a MMO Character.  At some point you get to a level of great power to cure your ills.  I'm not sure if this is after the leaders of the ponsi scheme called Scientology (the cult that came out of this book) suck all the money from you, and have your info and blackmail you like a bunch of thugs, but it’s really stupid.  To show how stupid people are, there are many people contributing to the bullshit and they are all over the world like a cancer.  Millions of people are out there, doing the work of the ponsi schemers, giving “free stress tests” with their fake equipment, and making Star Trek fanatics look more like a legit religion. All in the hops of getting to the next level of a game that they aren’t playing, but are getting played in by the higher ups in their cult.  

I don’t recommend reading these books, or even picking them up.  For some reason others who read them somehow know those who have as well, as if they are being tracked.  Fuck the books, the message they push, and the idiots that believe in their messages.  I may hate most mainstream religion beliefs being pushed on people, but in those religions, there are also positive things that one can take to better their lives and the lives of others around them.  The cults that are formed around these books are nothing but deceptive, manipulative, almost criminal organizations that promote nothing but hatred and negativity to anyone who don’t believe in it, and fleecing their own for the betterment of themselves.