Hurricane Sandy

by Peter Marus

First of all, if anyone is wondering, I am ok.  My family is doing well.  No major damage to my house or self, other than a few trees and branches in the neighborhood falling.  We were damn lucky here seeing some of the other parts of Queens and area.  

I still am in total shock seeing the images of the area, and how powerful the storm was.  Parts of the city, Long Island and New Jersey are obliterated, and it's a humbling and awe-inspiring thing to see what nature can do.  No matter how much the smart people in this world can come up in their engineering and science., nature will always prove to be more powerful.  People are trying to clean up and put their lives back together, literally starting with the clothing off their backs.  I feel like an asshole after yesterday having a rant on how my life sucks being without a job.  I feel stupid considering there are some who are now living with absolutely nothing.  I am goddamn lucky to be where I am now, despite it's not  the situation I want to be in.  I have to keep reminding myself that, and I am going to look for ways to help out those who have less than I do.

I just want to say one thing that has been brewing in my head since this started: FUCK MICHAEL BLOOMBERG!!! this asshole, who bought the mayoral office in NYC, has really pushed a lot of buttons I have.  He first will go balls out to help those in Manhattan regain what they lost, but he pretty much told the outer boroughs of the city (which I think he believes are not part of the city and suburbs) to go fuck themselves.  Staten Island was turned to dust, and he had all the facilities for the marathon-which he wanted to still have run because that would bring money into the city-blocked off to those who needed help, and the hotels were throwing out people from the storm to make room for the people for the marathon.  On top of this, there were tons of supplies and generators all over the city for the marathon being guarded for the event.  It was disgusting and showed how detached the idiot who runs this city is to the people.  Thankfully it was cancelled, and I think most of the stuff for it was donated to the relief cause.  If it wasn't, I hope whoever made the decision not to donate the stuff have some of the debris from the storm fall on them and paralyze them for being morons.  

 I hope people give to help out those who need it.  I will say DON'T give to the Red cross.  I say that because they have a scam where you may think the money/supplies you give goes directly to the relief effort  but it goes into a pool of money/supplies that goes to all their projects, so you aren't directly funding what you think you are.  Please give to more honest and reputable organizations that will use your donations for what you want it to be used for.