The Apple is falling from my tree

by Peter Marus

The past several years I have been exclusively using Apple computers and products, and after seeing how the company has been working and the products the company has been producing, I am thinking of moving away from their products.

It started with the new iPhone released recently, one that has underwhelmed myself. I'm not one who wants the wheel invented every innovation of their products, but what I have seen isn't innovative, and most of the new features are somewhat broken. I have had a ton of issues with their new products and they've been more proprietary and limited.

I looked at the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the newer Android hardware and software, and it was enough to make me get the phone over a new iPhone. It's been an interesting and fun experience so far. There are some bummers, like the update issues, but I am finding it much more satisfying and deeper experience on Android than IOS.

So the other week, I met with someone to fix their PC. I was working on it and I got that itch to build my own. After a little while of thinking about my Mac, I came to the conclusion what I would spend on a new one I could build an amazing gaming/everyday PC. I looked at what I wanted and I built a pc that's somewhat future proof for the same price of an iMac I would be interested in buying, and it still wouldn't have a powerful graphics card, solid state drive, and it wouldn't have the amount of RAM I'd want.

Another reason I want a PC? I can fix it myself for almost nothing compared to what apple would charge me. I also wouldn't have a computer that's glued shut so no one can modify or play around with it.

Don't get me wrong, I think Apple makes fine products. I don't enjoy the bumps and problems they have had recently, and the arrogance of the company when called out for the problems. I also am tired of the proprietary nature of the majority of their hardware and software. It's not something I see a good need for. I'm having issues with my music collection now that has me doing many more steps than I should to fix, and their recent connector change has been another issue for many that I don't want a part of. My new phone uses standards that others use so it's easier to use and get, say a charger, to work with my phone and later my PC.

I'm not a fan boy of one company or another, I just want products that work the way I want them to for me, and more and more Apple products aren't.