Election 2012, I truly hope this is the end times at this point....

by Peter Marus

2012 has really been becoming a sad year, especially in politics and this "democracy" or "republic" we live in.  As a voter who is registered independent though tends to lean to more Libertarian views (let's just say nanny-state shills like Chuck Schumer and I wouldn't get along), I see only one candidate who remotely speaks to me and my beliefs.  That  candidate would be Ron Paul.  But naturally, the only candidate that is practical and truly represents what the Republican Party was founded on as far as their beliefs is the one labeled the "crazy" one.  The medial already has anointed Mitt Romney as the Republican Candidate, though they are Keeping Newton Gingerich around for an added bonus so both shoot down any chance a Republican would DARE challenge the regime of King…err President Obama.  


You know, they guy who is putting all his money on the fact he "got" all these evil terrorist leaders.  The one who attacked Libya and further occupied Afghanistan by executive order-unconstitutional by the way since only Congress can authorize use of force.  He now hides his abuse of the executive order power he has under the gimmick "WE CAN'T WAIT", because all of Congress is acting like a bunch of spoiled brats that only think if short-term, election friendly, steps.  Rather than think in 10-20 year visions, they usually think in only two to four year plans, thats if their masters in the lobbyists allow them to think for themselves.  This is also the same guy who is taking credit for helping General Motors and Chrysler save themselves, but in reality all they did was steal Ford's business model-consolidate the are offerings and invest in the to make the building and R&D run smoother.  They did that sine they saw Ford was taking no money from the Government.  Then again he's also the one who talks out of both sides of his mouth on any issue-he'll praise Apple in one sentence saying they are proof of the innovative spirit there is in this nation and making so much money, but then condemn them for how they keep costs down.  


Want proof about how well he has "Changed" this nation?  the last three State of the Union speeches he's done are ALMOST IDENTICAL.  So when he got in to now, he's done almost nothing positive.


I'm not here to keep trashing on King Obama and his "Hope and Change" nonsense,  I have zero desire to vote for him.  I need to see the other candidates and see where my vote is going.  I said I like Ron Paul, and will probably will vote for him.  I'll tell you why I won't vote for the other clowns


!. Mitt Romney-This guy would probably be a good leader, and could help financially get this nation into some sort of better shape.  Problem is that he has to speak, which lately hasn't helped him.  HIs past few remarks have made him look like some comical rich guy in a bad sitcom.  It's obvious that he has some sort of skill in business, but when it comes to talking to people, and trying to get his point across in verbal form, I'm surprised he made any money in business.  If I were being pitched to invest in his firm and he spoke, I'd probably think "This guy's an idiot, I wouldn't give this guy the time, let alone my money."


2. Rick Santorum-Another guy who doesn't help his cause by opening his mouth.  All I have seen and heard of him is his beliefs and values.  I don't care about them, shut up about them.  What is he going to do to fix things?  I haven't heard anything about that, other than his values will guide him to save this country.  I know I shouldn't take shots at a fellow PSU alum, but as much as he is socially conservative, he's a psycho when it comes to foreign policy.  He wants to turn any nation that gives us any dirty look into a parking lot.  I didn't like how he in Congress would try to curry favor by being out front on a lot of the reform issues-ones that had little chance to win-but at the same time would play all angles to cover his ass.  Another reason I don't trust him is one rule I have that I have for any political candidate: if you get your ass handed to you and thrown out of congress by the people on one level of politics, what thinks I should like you and put you in at the next or higher level?


3. Newton Gingerich-Personal scandals don't mean anything to me (let a playa play, but if he gets caught that's his problem).  I don't like him because he sounds like a dick.  He really comes off as an old, bitter asshole who has a chip on his shoulder.  He's also one who hides under that blanket of "conservatism, values", but what he does under it ethically is anything but.  He's sold out to the banks and mortgage scumbags and helped with the current situation we are in.  He really doesn't want to do anything positive to help the majority of the people.  He's been most vocal about expanding our military to go fight anyone who his private company buddies need the US to do so they can make a profit.  Like Santorum, he got thrown out and ran out of office, and those in his "revolution to reclaim the Republican party" don't like Newton.  Many of them didn't like him when he was in charge.  Should say something that NO ONE from his time in Congress has endorsed him.  


These are why I am not going for any of these clowns.  I will say why I am voting for Ron Paul:


1. He believes in the laws of the Constitution, which wouldn't allow a lot of what has gone on in Government.  


2.  He believes that states should handle a lot more of their own decision making, rather than have the federal government do it for them.  He believes that its a waste of time to have federal laws covering everyone, when it shouldn't cover some states at all, which drags everyone down


3.  Fiscal control-cut a lot of the programs states should be able to run/afford, and focus money we have on what's important


4. The Fed, he wants it gone because it's a shadowy entry that somehow got control of the US currency, backed said currency with nothing real (just confidence it's worth what the paper said), but when times are tough, they just print more and inflate prices.  He wants a full audit of them and hold them responsible for any and all issues from the audit.


5. Foreign aid-cut most of it if not all.  Why are we giving money out to all these poor nations, but that money only goes to line the pockets of a few in each nation?  He wants all the wars to end and a lot of the bases in the world to be shut.  He believes that those troops in Europe and Asia could be utilized much better here, or make the military smaller to handle our needs.  We shouldn't be the world's cops, and these countries should handle their own defense. 


Sadly I know that Paul will be, and is already, censored and tried to be ran out of the race by the media.  It's obvious that they are scared he can beat Obama, and any of the other jokers in the race.