Two weeks of pent-up rants, and Apple Store and support=awesome

by Peter Marus

It’s been a while since I updated this page.  I’ve been busy.  Had to help my mom out with some car issues, an my computer hard drive was dying. So I have a lot to say in this entry.


Let me start with my experience with Apple to get my iMac repaired.  It started last week, when my computer froze up and would not work.  I ran as many diagnostic tests I could, and determined it was something with the hard drive. I took the computer to an Apple store to have it checked out by one of their Geniuses.  My mom came along, and her first experience at an Apple store was...unique.  I got my computer checked out and it was determined the hard drive needed to be replaced (all this was within 20 minutes).  So I left the computer there and left.  My mom kept referring the the people who worked there as the “Stepford Geeks”.  She thought it was creepy how happy and positive the employees were and how quickly and eagerly they wanted to assist someone.  I thought it was fine and had no problem with it.  Fast forward a few days and I'm back at the Apple store to pick up the iMac.  Again, it was a quick, easy process.  This was the first time I used their repair service and I came away satisfied and pleased with the job they did.  


I honestly could have done the replacement myself, and after seeing how-tos and videos, I kick myself for not trying.  I'm trained to work on computers, and it sort of made me feel less than a man to not be able to do it myself and ask someone else to do it (even the genius I talked to said it wasn’t a hard task).  I’ve decided to try to do more repairs on my own with computers and electronics.  There’s more than enough info out there on how to do a lot of these things, so why shouldn’t I try.  Also after the positive feeling I had at the Apple Store, I’m tempted to apply to work at one.  I love their products, I use them almost exclusively, and I felt “right” there when I was in the store.  I have an interview this week with a security guard company, but I may apply to Apple anyway and see what happens.  


Another tech related thought I had is that the “next-gen” gaming console I get is the gaming PC I build for myself, and not a Microsoft or Sony console (though the idea of selling the PS3 I have towards a Vita has crossed my mind).  I figure I can build a more powerful system than anything the major companies will offer, and I can upgrade and modify a PC to work better than any console.  I can get 90% of the games that are/will be on consoles, and they will run better on a PC than any console.  Something I hope others think about doing.  Now people can connect their PCs to their HDTVs and get an incredible visual and audio experience in the living room, not just at the desk.  That’s what I plan on doing.  The OC I build won’t be used for anything else but gaming, thought maybe some web surfing from time to time.  


Political thought: fuck Rick Santorum and his sanctimonious garbage he spews out to the public.  I will not vote for any candidate that will not respect the simple notion that the Church and State should be separated.  I want someone that will take any reference to God or religion out of all State related matters (off the money, out of the national anthem, out of public schools and buildings, etc.)  Santorum wants this country to be under the Catholic equivalent of the Sharia Law the Muslims use in some of their nations.  It’s disgusting how he is out on the campaign trail saying how religious freedom is threatened, and if we don’t do anything about it, religion will be abolished in this land.  What horseshit.  Believe what you want, be proud of your religion, but DO NOT mix it with running this country.  Keep it to yourself, and if the will of the people want something, like abortions without being shamed while having one, or GOD FORBID birth-control pills that may be prescribed to help a woman’s health and not because she’s a whore as many religious jackoffs say, then live with it.  You have the freedom to not participate in anything.  According to Santorum, if he isn’t elected and his message of “conservatism” *COUGH* Religious Fascism *COUGH* COUGH* isn’t put into place, the country will be full of whores on the pill having sex all the time, while the gays have sex with themselves and animals, and the streets will be full of abortion clinics with dead fetuses all over the sidewalk.  


Santorum is the worst kind of politician. He preys on the type of voter that he believes what Jessie Ventura said are the ones who use religion as a “crutch for the weak and feeble minded”.  These are the ignorant, weak, and desperate who are addicted to religion and use it as the one thing they hold on to in this world, because they lack the confidence and intelligence to stand on their own two feet and see the world through their real eyes.  That’s what really disgusts me about him.  And again, he was ran out of his senate seat by the voters.  Why would I vote for a loser who pissed off his own people at a lower level job into the highest level job?  Thats like taking the middle management guy who stole from his employees then was fired for it, and making him CEO.  It make no sense at all 


Finally, I could write a ton on this subject, but fuck Jeremy Lin, the flash in the pan basketball player on the Knicks.  He’s only getting so much hype because the NBA has a huge hard-on to take over the Chinese market, and they think they found their “in” not that Yao Ming retired.  I’m sick of his story pushed into every news broadcast, and I’m really sick of anyone criticizing him is branded a racist, even if they didn’t mean to.  For example, Max Bretos is an ESPN anchor for Sportscenter.  Now, I know he’s a horses ass from his years on Fox Soccer Channel, but he’s actually an OK anchor.  He was speaking to an NBA analyst about the Knicks and he asked the guy “If there is any chick in the armor of the Knicks, what could it be.”  The NBA analyst didn’t freak out, and answered the question with no hesitation.  No one at the time said anything, because it was a question with a saying that means what weakness is there with the team.  BUT someone started screaming racism because Jeremy Lin is Asian, and the work “chink” was used.  THEREFORE ITS SOOOOOO OBVIOUS THAT MAX BRETOS IS RACIST.  So for a question that had no racial overtones, Max Bretos is SUSPENDED for a month from his job.  It’s one thing if he said the question as “if there’s any CHINK...(wink wink nudge nudge) in the armor...” that could be considered racist, but how he said it AND how the editor on the website put “Chink in the Armor” after the Knicks lost, there were no racial meaning to them.  it’s always said “words matter”, and they do, but also look at the context of what is said.  NOT EVERYTHING IS RACIAL YOU BLEEDING HEART LIBERAL PUSSIES!!! STOP INCITING PROBLEMS BECAUSE YOU HAVE SOME BULLSHIT HIGH MORAL GROUND.  THAT STICK UP YOUR ASS DOESN’T MEAN YOUR ABOVE ANYONE, DUMMIES!!!!