by Peter Marus

This entry is about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, so if you don't want to read about what I have to say, then stop reading now or don't complain after, I told you up front.


So as you may know from reading my entries, I have been training for about a while now.  I started training in it to get a work out and learn something.  I have done both, but now the martial art has become more and more of something I need in my life.  Not just for the physical action and health benefits I've received (lost about 25 pounds, I'm more flexible, and I feel better), but the mental challenge it has given me as well.  


To show how dedicated I am, i have decided to try to get two sessions of training in twice a week.  One class is at 7am and the second is the usual 6 pm class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I've started that this week, and although I feel tired and sore, I feel in the long run it will help me.  I set a goal for myself this year to improve a lot, so I need to focus and work at my skills to prove myself worthy of it.  After every class, I find myself thinking and analyzing what I did wrong and what I need to do to fix it.  Tuesday was one of the rare times where I saw myself as improved.  I was performing techniques and movements a lot better.  Today I went to training, and did OK, but since then I've been trying got figure out what I have to do to break some habits I am still stuck with.  I believe I have figured something out, and I am hoping to try the ideas out when I go to class tonight (depending on how my body feels-I won't go if my body "tells" me not to go).


There is another aspect as to why I have "fallen down the rabbit hole" of BJJ: The people I train with and Jucao, the master who trains us.  I've said what I feel about Jucao before, but i want to say again.  His kindness and passion for the sport is inspiring.  His patience and ability to teach is amazing, and every time I go into class, I feel compelled not to let him down.  I honestly feel I do if I don't have a good training session.  The people I train with are equally inspiring and amazing.  They are good people who have helped me immensely with everything about the sport.  The positivity and non-"meathead" mentality was what sold me on the school and is something that I'm trying to emulate as well outside of the school.  I've had few things that made me want to go and do something, and the people and Jucao make me get up, even when I am tired or sore, and go to train.  Granted, I should go to train on Saturdays as well, but I also need to balance out my life with other interests like my girlfriend, my friends, and maybe soccer again.


That's the brain dump today, I have other subjects to talk about but that may be done tomorrow or next time I write an entry.