Keeping busy

by Peter Marus

I’ve tried to keep my head from caving in from unemployment and this job search.  I”ve been trying to fill my time with stuff that is productive and thought-provoking.  I need more to do.  I have BJJ twice a day on Tuesday and Thursdays, and that helps a lot with my stress level (and my health).  Never underestimate a quick workout early in the morning to start your day.  I also do a lot of walking around just to keep moving and try to get my mind cleared.  Of course I do this all after I spend several hours looking at job postings and looking for companies’ contact information to send my resume to.


I decided to attempt something big.  I decided to be an author.  I am thinking of writing a book and self publishing it on Amazon and whatever digital publication system I can.  The book will be about how I think one should handle themselves when it comes to different aspects of life.  I know what some are thinking: “What would you know, and who would read it?”  Well, I think I can do something good, and at the very least I think I can say after it is done, I am an author.  Sure it’s sort of an ego thing, but at the same time I think it will be a cool experience.