Ozzie Guillen and the Cuban American Community

by Peter Marus

Ozzie Guillen,the manager of the Miami Marlins baseball team, was suspended by his team over comments he made about the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. What he said ignited the Cuban American community, and it lead to a five game suspension. It sucks it had to get to that, I think he just had to apologize and end it at that. But since the team is pandering to the locals trying to get some support behind the team, they caved to people who's feelings are hurt. It's pathetic. Guillen, who is Venezuelan and know about living under a dictator, said what he said was misinterpreted in that what he wanted to say came out wrong in English but he thought of it in his mind in Spanish-his primary language. I can see that happening. I know many people who don't speak English as their first language, and sometimes they don't get their message clearly out with their English. I still think the Cuban Americans in Miami really are over sensitive babies and hypocrites to be honest.

Sorry, I have no sympathy for the Cuban Community. The older members in Miami always talk about the horrors that Castro's regime did, and I am not saying they didn't, but one has to remember that these people were either part of the well-off families that profited under the dictator Batista, who last I read wasn't much better than Castro. These refugees got the short end of the stick after Castro ousted Batista and the mob. Where were these people's outrage for their homeland when they were making money off the suffering of the people they are exploiting now? It just bugs me they bitch and moan about Castro, but have not gone back to take back their country. Apparently the money they have been, and are making off of the Cubans coming onto shore in Miami has lessened the desire to reclaim their homeland.

The younger generation Cuban American amuse me as much as make me sad. They are a lot like the Irish Americans in this country. They hear of what their family members went through decades ago and feel a false sense of rage like THEY were oppressed. Then they try to live the gimmick of being a part of the cause. Not only do they look foolish and ignorant of what the hell they are talking about, they probably embarrass their families by making their experiences look like a joke. Rather than being real Americans, they try to live the gimmick of their "countrymen", who they most likely never met any real people from their "homeland". Actually come to think about it, most soccer fans are like this as well but not as extreme.