Health Care

by Peter Marus

Usually, I'm against the government being involved with my life more than it should.  I usually don't want them telling me what to do or how I should live, especially when it involves the BS reason "it's for your own good".  If I choose to live how I choose to live, then I should live with the results.  I don't want a nanny-state like it is in the UK or parts of Europe.


That said


The only thing I agree the government should be involved with, outside of keeping the nation safe and clean, is with health care.  I want a single-payer system, and I'd gladly pay for it.  It'd probably inspire me to go to the doctor more often.  I hate the idea of begging an employer to give me something I feel should be a right to all people.  Private insurance companies are scum, and it would be a great scene if the US Government stormed into their offices and took them over.  Paying more in taxes to ensure I can go to a doctor without having to choose that or food (like many-especially elderly people-have to do), that would be an expense well paid.

The governemnt propsed "Obamacare", which is a half-assed attempt at a single payer system.  Every American will be strong-armed into buying private insurance or be severely penalized in the form of a "tax".  The bill is so huge and vague, there aren't measures to watch the insurance companies when it comes to how much they can charge (there is some vague crap about where a fraction of their profits are to go, but it's almost irrelevant).  Nancy Pelosi said "we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it".  This was the head of part of one third of government saying this.  NO ONE READ THE BILL BEFORE PASSING IT.  THey did the bidding of thte private insurance companies, since Obama and all the politicians are the financial bitches to them, and now the insurance companies are about to hit the jackpot, assuming the Supreme Court does not do the right thing and rules the bill unconsitutional.


Again, I'm unemployed but I do pay taxes.  I should have healthcare.  When I do have a job, healthcare benefits shouldn't be held like a carrot dangled in front of me, or anyone in this nation.

Either we all get insurance via a single payer system, or just go free market like it has been.  the Obma plan is half-assed and more problems than solutions.