Baseball season, and why it sucks in Queens thanks to the Wilpons

by Peter Marus

So the baseball season starts this week, and I admit that I still like the game. I can watch a game from time to time, but I still have problems with the speed of the game. If they got the game moving a little faster, it'd be more enjoyable. I also have a problem with how the players have become wussies, and how most are now pretty boys and athletes, not real baseball players. I remember the NL east teams of the 80s 90s, where players were dirty and gritty. They also weren't bodybuilders, but just guys who went out and played the game. I miss those days.

I followed the Mets all my life, mostly because of proximity to them. Over the past 15 years, though my support of them has faded. It's to the point where I am tired of the ownership of the team and I can't in good conscience spend any money on their team. The Wilpons are pathetic. They are fanboys of the Dodgers and Giants-teams they build the Mets to honor, yet both teams are still around. Citi Field has more memorials and history facts about the Dodgers than it does of the team that plays there. The seat color is apparently in honor of the old Polo Ground where the Giants played. It's insulting and embarrassing. Even the colors of the team are there to ride the coat tails of two teams that left the city but are still around. I know that's not the Wilpons' fault, but it should have been an omen about the overall loser mentality this team always had.

I hate any team with a loser mentality, that "aww shucks, we are the lovable losers" crap. The Wilpons embrace that and even markets the team like that. What really set me off about this was when the Wilpons made the team wear Underdog t-shirts. What crap is that??? NO ONE should ever act like they can't do something or succeed. If the other team is supposedly better than you, that should make your team inspired to beat them. But the Mets built their organization on people who cower from success or getting in the face of anyone better to beat them. I honestly think its because the Wilpons have such reverence and fanboy attitude to the Giants a d Dodgers (who are their competitors in baseball and still around), they not only don't want their team to be as good or better than them. Hence the Wilpons will make their own team second rate. Again, look at the Mets' "home" stadium, which puts the Mets history on the burner to praise and throw in the face of Met fans histories of other competitors.

I hope whenever the Wilpons get tossed from owning the team, the new owner blows the team up. I hope the new owners will gut the team, change the colors, and tears out all that garbage about the Dodgers and Giants on the stadium. Make it the Mets home stadium, get original colors and logo to move away from the past, and get people with chips on their shoulders who want to fight to win, no matter who they play.

Prediction: Mets barely win 65 games this season, and the Wilpons won't care. They only care gouging whatever suckers come to games so they can pay off the debts the courts just levied on them after taking Madoff's cash then pissing it away on nonsense.