The Insanity of this world

by Peter Marus

I have come to the realization about this world.  It seems when things get bad, that's when people and things just go crazy.  An example is the US.  Since 2008, the entire government has been doing either irrational, short-sighted actions that make no sense (when there isn't a specific reason for what they are doing, it's usually a bullshit reason that sometimes they don't know why other than profiting form it), or there's nothing done due to the divide there is in the government.  When times weren't so bad, although Republicans and Democrats didn't see eye-to-eye, they at least had the sense to work things out and get something constructive done.  Now you have crazy people on both sides that somehow took leadership and are now slowly letting this country go off a cliff.  it's not like some major difference why they won't work together, it's because ego and immaturity that has led to one side shooting down the other's ideas, just because.  What's the warped thing is that at some point the liberals believed some of what the conservatives in, and the other way around and now there is a constant pissing contest just to cancel out what each side is doing.  It's insane and mind blowing what is going on.  


Europe is another example.  When the EU was set up (more like pushed on everyone, I'll get to that later) it was to unify the economic power of the continent.  The money would be under one flag and commerce would move freely in the Eurozone.  Sounds good in theory, but so does Communism and look what happened to that.  So the united currency was made, but it was made with the devalued currencies that weren't worth much. WHat propped it up was the German and French currencies (UK was wise and stayed out of that mess-their money's worth more), and now the Euro's barely worth being used as toilet paper.  The PIIGS, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Greece-who didn't' want to be a part of this but was goon-handed into signing the Treaty of Lisbon-now are a step away from being third-world nations because of the EU.  The best way I can describe what happened to them is read "Confessions of an economic Hitman", and replace Ecuador with one of the before named countries and the US with Germany and France (the IMF is still the IMF), and there you go.  


Think about it:  Germany runs Europe and are now dictating policy.  HOW NUTS IS THAT??? I haven't been in school for a bit but I seem to remember some little spat the US jumped in to stop the Germans from taking over.  Well, that and to help the British from having their entire nation be turned into a rest stop/gas station for the Luftwaffe and German Navy.  The French rolled over and let Germany take over the EU (like they haven't done that before with the Germans).


Shockingly, countries like Greece, France and Italy aren't happy about Germany pushing them around.  So instead of having a centralist government trying to rationally steer themselves out of the minefield the IMF and EU put them in, all three had elections recently, and the people decided they wanted a government full of fascists, socialists, and even communists.  The people are so freaked out, they don't know what they want so they threw everyone in there and now that just gave the IMF and EU even more leverage to rip those nations apart.  the UK is slowly getting to this point as well.  Thank God for the UKIP party, led by Nigel Farage, who want the UK out of the EU (even the end to the EU) and to stop having UK put up the cash to pay for this horrific economic massacres happening in the PIIGS nations.  Here's a video of Farage speaking recently on the matters.  


What am I getting at?  It's simple-the more broke you get, the more extreme your views get.  When you have money, you seem to be more rational in your thoughts and beliefs.  When you are broke, your mind starts to wander, almost into survival mode trying to earn a buck and/or blame other people and groups why you cant get work or paid well.   Mike Tyson said it best: You can have your game plan all set, but when that all goes to the side when the first punch is landed and you're just trying to survive.  Thats where we are now, trying to survive.  Sadly, the crazy people are running things.  


I'm sure the media has something to do with it, but they are just the bitch of the corporations, so I can't say they have any real say.  They are told which pretty crazy person is to be put on air that the people will like to hear