religion and trying to find PEACE

by Peter Marus

So I want to say this out front: I believe in God and that there is something much bigger and powerful beyond our control. I believe our purpose in God's eyes is we do good for ourselves and others. I believe that there is only one God, and that he's the same God people praise, regardless of religion your follow. Simple proof of that is if you look at the main stories and lessons that is being told in all faiths, they are all the same, just names and settings are changed to localize the story. I believe religion is a good thing and a positive thing for some people in their lives. It's a solid foundation of values that one can look to to help keep a person grounded. As long as they use it as the base, and not the entire building of their lives, it's a healthy thing.

It doesn't become healthy when the person becomes so wrapped up in religion, they blindly and unquestionably follow anything it is said in the writings and words of the religion. Outside of the "be good to others and do right for yourself and others", the rest of the teachings to me are vague and highly questionable. See, the bibles and whatever books/writings used in religion were written by the lawyers of the time, who love to keep things vague so other scum lawyers can interpret things how they want it. It was also written by insecure, scared people who are afraid of losing the weak minded that follow them, they wrote and said things to scare the masses into conformity. ALL this still happens today in all religions, and it's nothing more than some who falsely do things behind the name of God. That doesn't make them religious people, it makes them scumbags, con artists, and just bad people.

Look, I respect people and what they believe in, do whatever you want, but keep it private and don't push things onto those who don't believe in what you believe. State it rationally, and leave it at that. This is the problem with the country, where people won't SHUT UP about their religious beliefs and acting like its a "my God is better than your aged" pissing contests. IT'S THE SAME GOD, YOU IDIOTS!!!

The reason I am writing this is because my relationship with God has not been the best. I have issues with the church and it's sayings (most of which is nonsense to me), but as I stated I believe in God and I think this belief is important in my life. I can't explain all the good in my life that has happened in the past but I think it's God's will and his plan for me that all the "luck" and "miracles" has happened to me. Recently I've been wondering if my lack of prayer or belief has caused my unemployment or lack of success professionally. I don't know it God heard me, but I happened to see this article written by Deion Sanders about PEACE. I won't go into detail but here's the site address to the story if you want to read it:

This article hit me, and I am trying to put what he said into action in my life. As I stated earlier, religion and religious people can be a positive influence in one's life, but I think that it shouldn't be ones entire life if you aren't ready to make the sacrifices one makes to be a nun or priest or anyone who is "answering the call".

I hope, no matter what religion (if any) you believe in, that you have something to believe in that helps your mind find a level of calmness and peace.