Entry to Kill time and get myself focusing on something other than brick wall I'm hitting

by Peter Marus

I'm posting some random stuff here to tjink about other things and get out some stuff I've had in my head:

-Audiophiles and Videophiles are nice words to call someone a scam artist.  These are the guys who claim to have such a finely tuned eyes or ears that they can see/hear somthing the average person can't.  I agree with the audiophiles to a point in that analog recordings sound better than digital recordings, but beyond that these guys are just a bunch of bullshit artists.  Some even hustle themselves into buisness installing audio equipment.  It's amazing how they and the videophiles work.  they sit thare and say they hear or some some detail you don't see, then charge an arm and a leg to "optimize" or "fix" it.  Then they don't do anything, and nothing changes but they say the do, convince the sucker they are charging it's fixed and get paid.

Look, I know these guys are all liars.  I"ve worked with many people who were in the radio/music or TV industry.  Fact is those who worked in audio professions are deab and thair hearing is shot, and those who worked in video production are blind as bats.  


-Best video explaination of what I feel about "supporters" of teams that wrap their lives around one team.  They feel "gutted" when the team loses and lets that minor thing affect their entire lives.  They also use all the cute lingo and get in their heads the team is theirs, and it's their family.  This clip says it best.  If a team I like to watch loses, oh well, I got other things to do so a pro team losing doesn't mean much to me.


-Never understimate the effect of a short walk.  Wither outside or inside.  Even to get away from your desk at work.  The past week I've stayed in my house to look for jobs online, and didn't go for my usual walks, and I felt terrible, physically and mentally.  A good walk can re-energize your body and head.  Go to a short walk, or if you are stuck at an office job, go outside for a few to get out of that enviroment.  Really simple thing, that helps.