Memories of the Poconos

by Peter Marus

I was in my basement yesterday looking for something, and I came across two things that conjured up some memories.  These memories were of when I frequently visited, and lived in at one point, the Poconos.


My parents had a house up there and I used to go every weekend and stay up there in the summer with my mom (she was off from teaching).  It was a nice, quiet area, and it was cool to be out of the city for a bit.  It helped out with the stress level and it also started my change in attitude.  Living in another environment that is almost totally opposite of what you've lived in for a while changes you, mostly in a good way.  My experience helped me become a little more well-rounded.  


Sometimes I really miss it, but also I remember why I came back to the City, and why my parents didn't pull the trigger and moved us up there.  First being in the woods doesn't do much for one's social life.  I was living up there full time after college, but I couldn't really go out because the closest socializing was miles away down country roads.  It was sometimes intense going up or down the roads sober, I didn't want to even try to do that after a couple drinks.  Another factor is that everything isn't totally accessible as easily as it is in the City.  God forbid if I am sick, it'd take much more time to get help to me (assuming they can even see the road on GPS or maps), and even doctor appointments would take some time to get to and from.  After a year, I moved back to the city because of the isolation up there.


But I'm not going to focus on the negatives. I have two pictures to share of things that I am so happy to still have from the house up there.


This was bought at another wood shop in the area.  We found this place when we were driving around the countryside one day.  The guy had an amazing shop.  He was a real craftsman, and had a full machine and wood shop.  He made silhouettes of animals you put on your lawn, silhouettes of people for the lawn, like a one of a cowboy leaning against something-you'd put it by a tree.  The guy also made stuff for inside the house as well like this.   This is a toilet paper holder that is shaped like an outhouse.  inside the outhouse is where you put the extra toilet paper.  The guy also had furniture, baby cribs, and sculptures that were all truly works of art.  The guy charged OK prices from what I recall, but he did charge top dollar for the furnature and artwork.  Whatever he did charge was well worth the investment in the man's skills.  This thing is going into my bathroom, it's just so damn cool!!!


OK, enough reminising, starting to get teary-eyed.  I still have memories of helping my dad with the landscaping, and all the wonderful times I had there with my family, and all the people who came up to visit and enjoy quality time up there.  I regret not going up nearly as much the last few years my parents had the house.  They sold it since it was becoming more of a burden-they only up there for a couple times a week, and the work to upkeep it wasn't making it worth it.  The good thing is that the sale helped them financially and put them in a better place.  SO Things do happen for a reason.


Maybe one day I will return up there, maybe I'll own a place.  That's a nice dream