simple quick new entry

by Peter Marus

Recent events in the past weeks or so has led me to realize that I really miss my dad and the advice he would give me.  I feel lost sometimes with what is going on, and usually he'd be able to say something to help me make sense of things.  See, I don't care what your relationship is with your parents, good or bad.  s shitty as it can be, they are still your parents.  At the barest of minimums that respect should be given.  Granted there are few situations where one wouldn't blame full hatred for a parent, but in the end this is the person that gave you life.  Also one lesson people need to realize that as much as you know about life and the world, your parents know a Hell of a lot more.  That's something one should tap into to make themselves better.  I've learned that lesson the hard way, and now respect and cherish whatever my mom says.  I did with my father as well, but I wish I had more time to.  I really miss him.

THis is what I've been trying to repeat to myself lately to ensure I do what I am saying:

No longer will I live in a fear state, afraid of doing something.  That's not how life works.  Look at my resume again on this site and see what I am using to send to people when I am looking for a job.  I will not act like I am begging for a job when I apply, I will act as if I am doing them a favor by giving my resume to them.  One has to value themselves to a point where as much as they feel important, they are also humble.  I will no longer think more than I have to,  which can be paralyzing at times.  I will do what I feel is needed at that time.  When you don't react to anothers actions, you lose.  I learned this form Jiu Jitsu.  When one tries a move you must at least try to defend, survive, and counter what is happening.  

this week is two years since I started this site.  I thank you all who read and visited it.  Thank you and I hope that one day I can make this into something more than it is.  I need to find others to help train me and shoq me how this site can enhance my brand