Changes to site and my health

by Peter Marus

As I am sure you have noticed, I changed things up a bit on this site.  That’s part of the reason I haven’t written anything new in a bit, I’ve been transitioning from Squarespace old system to their new system.  For the most part, it was painless.  Hopefully the new software will help me make this site better.  If some of the older entries look off, it’s probably due to the transition, and I am not in the mood to go through all the past stuff to fix.  Just work around it.

The one thing I wanted to write about today was about how I am feeling since starting a new diet this week.  I started the Gracie Diet, which is a diet that focuses on how you digest food than how much you eat.  There’s certain foods that shouldn’t be eaten together because it won’t digest right.  I’ve been trying to keep as strict on the diet as I can, and in about a week, I’m starting to feel better.  I am supposed stop snacking, replacing water with a snack, and I have to wait four and a half hours until I can eat again after a meal.  My meals have mostly been a standard meal, but the key is that only one starch can be consumed per meal (like if I have a hamburger when I am out, I can’t have fries, or vice verca).  This diet has me forcing myself to eat more fruits, which I never do.  I don’t have fruits usually because  I’m so used to “fake fruits” like gum or anything fruit flavored that has sugar in it.  Real fruit is an altogether different sweetness my tastebuds need to get used to.  On days I have BJJ I have had an orange, sliced into wedges, before I leave for class, and that is my breakfast until either I have a little coffee (Which I can still have on this diet as long as I don’t use sugar) or something when I out of class.  

I admit this is a tough transition, but it’s one that already has me feeling better.  I'm not sure if it’s a placebo effect, but I really do feel better.  I’m not sluggish or feel like garbage during the day, and I have more energy already.  I'm hoping that some weight comes off due to this change, but just the feeling better part is making me feel this choice to change my diet worth it.