HAPPY 9/11 DAY!!!!

by Peter Marus

I'm not going to bore people with the “I was here on this day…” crap.  I’ve done that before.  I'm really fatigued with the whole 9/11 thing.  I know a bunch of people died, and it’s something bad, but living in NYC it is brought up every couple months in some form or another.  I hate it, and I don’t fully believe the “Inside job” theory, but there are some valid questions.  But I won’t get into it here.  God forbid someone would have an “alternative view on something”, that would make them a crackpot.  Most people like to be sheep, makes things simple.  Like “BAAAA JFK was killed by one crazy person, BAAAA”, “BAAAA when I vote, it means something BAAA”.  

Lets just say, I have doubts. I have no energy to continue this post, so I'll leave it there.  I will say I am appalled about  a propaganda piece done by CBS local news on the TSA, and how they are the “fighters against terrorism, and so many people wouldn’t be workin if it wasn’t for the TSA hiring and ‘training” people to combat terrorism”.  It was disgusting.  PLEASE TELL ME EXACT NUMBERS HOW MANY TERRORIST ATTACKS THESE RENT-A-COPS HAVE STOPPPED???  Oh that’s right…ZERO!!!!  But they have stopped people from wanting to fly often, with their pedeophiles touching their kids, and creeps probably jerking off as soon as they are off duty after feeling up a woman or guy.  These mall cops harass people and will even detain people so they don’t catch their flight if said person doesn’t submit to the civil liberty rape.  Fuck them, and that fat cow running Homeland Security.  Now these TSA creeps are stopping people at train stations, where they hide behind real cops when you tell them “no” after they order you to show them your papers and bag. It’s imple: tell them “No, you have no right to even speak to me”.  If the cops get involved, repeat it until either they ask you to leave, which then just walk to the next station, or demand supervisors until they get fed up.

TSA, where the b is silent, and where the crooks are given the badges.