As the world turns, It's off it's axis and screwing up everyone

by Peter Marus

So after watching a ton of the news today, It’s showing how crazy and stupid people are.

First, with the attacks on the US embassies and bases in the Middle East, it astounds me how dumb people are and how they just accept whatever the media says.  What is the basis of the attacks?  According to the Government and news media (some are direct Propaganda machines of the Government), it’s over a low-rent video that absolutely NO ONE knew of before this.  It’s from a group that is a fringe group of Christians that hate Islam.  This group financed this film accusing that Islam is based on a Pedeophile and crook of a prophet.   First off, you’d be stupid to think that this is the only group that made this film, or a film that has any of these accusations.  I'm sure there were dozens of groups that have done that, some who read this may be a member of a church who has.  To think that this is the basis of several Americans being killed, and several countries uprising and attacking Americans in their countries is laughable.  

What I think this is all about is that, once again, the US failed in their stupid ideology pushing “nation building/king making” that the US has tried for decades.  They tried this in Central and South America in the 80s, backing the anti-communist guys, who turn out to be psychos and blood thirsty tyrants.  This in the end led to the US getting screwed in business deals with them and then the US sending in the Economic Hitmen to cripple the nations.  This looks like the same thing, since it’s happening in all nations that we are trying to “help” and “rebuild” after their evil leaders were killed (which we helped whoever was against the guys).  Now it looks like we were backing the real bad guys, put them in power and we aren’t happy about it.  So the US (CIA) rile up the people using this BS story of the movie, and get the people to protest in front of the embassies and make it look like the local government is weak to stop their people attacking their “friends”.  This then has the US in position to find the “right” person to put in charge-probably a guy from the US who has ties to the country, or a banker ready to raid the country and give the money to other US bankers.  Only thing is that who the CIA got to rile up the people took things too far and instead of maybe taking the US diplomat and his people hostage, they killed them.  Now the US has to try to make nice with people-who are Muslim extremists who have nothing in common with the US beyond being nice enough to get money and aid-they don’t like in the first place!!!  

Again, this has happened in the 80s in Central America and now in the Middle East.  The people who run this country are literally insane-they keep doing the same thing over and over again.  You’d think with all the screw ups they have done, they’d learn from them.  Only coup they have done without major issue was the JFK and RFK assassinations.  Yeah, I said it.  Only reason they got away with it is due to the inept Media and the people here who are sheep and believe everything the media tells them, rather than thinking out something, no matter how far-fetched it could be.  

Which leads to one major underlying meme that worries me.  Lets say that a religious group did this alleged movie.  Isn’t it their right to do it?  Isn’t that what freedom of speech is?  Why wouldn’t they have the right to say what they want-ignorant or not?  This story is also being used as an attempt to try to take the freedom to express one’s view away from them.  It’s because those in power fear alternative viewpoints.  Those with them are always labeled “kooks, crackpots,etc.”  It’s bigoted that one person thinks they have the answer, and they won’t even listen to another side.  It’s also ignorant and really annoying.  

Speaking of ignorance, freedoms, and elites.  The Royal family in England-their biggest tourist trap-have the balls to sue over privacy because one of their members had her chest plate exposed sunbathing and someone took a pic of it.  Don’t bother looking for it on the Web, first there’s NOTHING sexy about her.  Second, according to the paper royals, that should be an offense and you should be sued for having them.  What balls of people who allegedly run a country crying for privacy where the common person have cameras almost up their asses just by stepping out the door.  British “citizens” (still subjects of the Queen) are under surveillance 24 hours with ultra hi-res cameras on every street corner and road, taping and spying on everyone.  Yet, poor royals get caught with her half-A cups out, and they think they are above the law.  Buch of hypocritical assholes.

Finally, Israel should shut their mouths.  They’ve been bitching the US hasn’t come to their finger snap to take care of their problems.  Fuck them, we got other issues to deal with before Iran.  Israel’s Prime Minister, that fat pig, Benjamin Netanyahu, is trying to get involved and be king maker for our elections by coming out and say we haven’t done anything as far as Iran.  He has such a raging hard-on to attack anyone around Israel because he’s paranoid everyone is out to get them.  HIs saber rattling is really annoying and should really be called out.  If the info is right and Obama can’t stand Netanyahu, I can respect him for that.  He’s nothing but a blowhard and he has no rights to speak to the US as if they are better than the US.  

Israel is one of those countries that should really shit or get off the pot.  I’ve always found it astounding how the politicians here in the US cow-tow the whims of Israel.  Why? For the Jewish vote?  I don’t think a lot of Jews in the US still think the health and need of Israel is as high as it was years ago.  But to watch politicians grovel to them makes it look like THEY run the show here and we are their bitch.   They’ve acted a lot of times  like spoiled little brats throwing hissy fits when the US don’t do their bidding at the drop of the hat.  The US helped them in the past, and we still get shit for it.  In order to pander to a voting block, politicians made promises years ago to Israel that are held over our heads today.  On top of it, Israel pushes other nations in the region around with threats of attack because that country looked at Israel funny.  

Their latest fit is Iran allegedly having nuclear weapons.  Most intelligence (including their own) has said that Iran is not close to making any weapons, but Israel wants the country turned into dust yesterday.  The US told them to chill out and stop talking shit, so now Israeli is trying to force the US’ hand to announce when THE US will take out Iran for them. How about this: I hear “Oh Israel’s army is the toughest, they are the baddest, they can take out anyone…”  then man up and do it.  Stop talking like a bitch and take a swing like a man.  DO it yourself, and stop trying to hide behind the US or Europe.  If they don’t have the set to, they should then SHUT THEIR MOUTHS.

Oh, I had an alternative view on Israel, so that naturally make me anti-Semitic.  That’s what the media and Government wants people to think if ANYONE says anything against Israel.  Israel has this “untouchable” level when it comes to having a discussion about world politics and events.  I am far from anti-Semitic, I just don’t agree and cannot stand one nation trying to start or unsettle a region while trying to drag the US into their problems, when our energy and resources should be used here.  I don’t fully subscribe to the theory, but I do think there is some validity that Israel gave the US false info to get the US to invade Iraq-another nation that Israel wanted to attack for years.  I wouldn’t put it past them to do the same about Iran.

In closing, we have several wars that were based on flawed information, data and ideologies.  Seeing current world events, there may be more on the horizon, like it or not.  Why can’t we just worry about the 15% really unemployed in this nation, the debt we have from stupid politicians, and how we can right the broken ship here?  Why do we need to clean up other people’s problems?  I don’t care about anyone else but my situation here in the US.  I wish the Politicians really and legitimately shared my concern.