CONvention, and start of the greatest book ever written

by Peter Marus

So, is everyone happy the CONventions are over?  I still don't get the point in them anymore, since the kingmakers in both parties push out all but one candidate before the convention started.  I also don’t like that since most states are a “winner take all delegates” format in their primaries, it further makes the point of the convention pointless.  I remember as a child when there used to be some drama in the roll call of the delegates. Now it’s just a bunch of dorks, with there stupid long winded speeches about their state, prolonging the inevitable.  If I was President, I’d take each state’s blabbering, rank them from longest description they did on the mic to least, and cut the most from the longest, and work down the line, maybe give some to the shorter blabbers.  My logic: if they have so much to brag about and have so much going on, why do they need federal money?

I also remember when there was legit debates on the party’s platform and where they stand on many issues, but with the Internet and the constant news cycle, that is even gone away.  It’s sort of sad, and it’s now made these CONventions nothing more than practice for the younger prospects with their speaking skills, and also a giant session to show off the best and worst of their parties at the same time.  

After watching/reading about both parties and what they are going to do if they run the show (which, I barely have a clue what that is) I am leaning to keeping the guy in who’s there now.  It’s not that I like the guy-I respect his stances and the fact that he is the President-but I will probably vote for him due to the “devil you know, compared to the devil you don’t” scenario.  I am not sure if the current administration just needs more time like they ask for so their policies and programs can work, or they are a bunch of grifters running a ponsi scheme, but compared to the potential problems the other side could cause with their current attitude and sanctimonious nonsense, the current people don’t seem so bad.   

I am torn though, between the current guy and the Libertarian candidate, who no one talks about.  I like many of their platform’s approach, like States need to take more control of their emergencies.  I am always for this, where if you live in a region and you know there’s flooding or storms that are destructive, or known fires 9which is all nature at work), shouldn’t those who run the governments/municipalities be the ones with everything they need budgeted and manpower/supplies ready to go.  They choose to live there, and they should accept the fact that they have these problems to deal with.  The federal government shouldn’t but at the point handling the emergency relief.  I get when they have to come in if the season is unusually more active, but in an average year-backed by data and SCIENCE!!!!-local and regional governments/municipalities should have no problem handling it themselves.  

THere are some other parts of their platform I am for, but I am hesitant to fully back them since there is always the potential the GOP can co-op them and we have the same issues there are now, and I think some of their cuts can be a bit too much.  That’s why I may stick with the current guy.

Personal note, remember that book I said I wanted ti write?  Next week I’ll actually start outlining my thoughts and try to organize them into a rough outline.  Then I’ll fill in the rest and see how much I can put down.  I plan on making an ebook, probably though Amazon.