Sportswriters: The original Internet forum trolls

by Peter Marus

Baseball will not have any new members of their Hall of Fame.  It's because Sportswriters vote in players to it.  These are the ones who decide if a man's carrer is worthy of the Hall of fame.  There isn't a criteria for them to go by.  It's purely their opinion.  This is the WORST way to choose.  It gives those who do not know much about the sport all the power.   Same thing happens in college football with their polls to determine the national champion.

See, sportswriters generally are people who either sucked at the game, or were picked on by the jocks, and somehow perverted their mindset into thinking that as a member of the press, THEY can have power.  The POWER OF THE PEN!!!  So these losers, who's job is to write about people with childhood issues if they have to make a living playing children's games if you boil it down all the way, hade behind their laptops and computers and spout off about players who they like or hate-they are the original Internet trolls.  

Baseball writers are the lowest of the low.  They still think the sport of Baseball has some value in America and that "as baseball goes, so does the nation".  They act and write as if everything in baseball is a metaphor of the country, and that since to them Baseball is so great, that makes the nation great.  Now, their sport was raped, and sullied by Steroids, and now these writes swore they will never sully the Hall of fame with these criminals.  Despite the small face that there are a ton of cheaters in already, most of the league was on Meth for most of it's history, and that there are racists in their hollowed halls that make Klan members seem all-inclusive.  

It's almost comical hearing and reading these losers thump their chest saying how THEY ARE THE PROTECTORS OF THE SPORT!!! and they have a duty to keep the Hall of Fame pure.  If they really meant that, and weren't just a bunch of whiny attention whores, they'd throw out most of those in the Hall of fame for being cheaters, wife-beaters, racists, and just scumbags.  My favorite is the "Player A was an asshole to me when I covered him, so I won't vote for him to be in the Hall, SO THERE!" crap you hear.  Makes me laugh how pathetic one tries to cling to a shred of power to feel important.

In a couple months these fools will go away, and the football writers come back and do the same thing, but with the college football polls, where they will favor those who they like and have some stupid thought that some school who was good 50 years ago is still relevant now.

Bottom line is this: Sportswriters have a way too big belief that they matter in society.  They couldn't play sports, either by lack of talent or otherwise, so now they found a job where they can let out all that bitterness and be in essence pussies with laptops thinking they matter.