The Flu

by Peter Marus

I had it, and I didn't die.  I've had it in the past and I didn't die.  I don't know why the Media is running around trying to incite a riot over the flu.  

According to the media, it's the worst thing to happen ever...EVER!!!!!  Every year you hear about the Flu season, and they keep pushing the vaccination on you.  I refuse to take that garbage for the following reasons:

-It doesn't work, it AT BEST works 60% of the time.

-pharmaceutical companies are not liable in people's deaths due to their drugs, so who knows what's in there (let alone the lead they have been known to put in there in the past).  here is the link to the story.

-If you take the vaccination, you may not feel as severe of that means you STILL GET IT.

When I was a kid, you got the Flu, you stayed in bed a couple days, you got better.  Here's a shock: IT STILL WORKS LIKE THAT.  Now morons, trained by the media to just goto a hospital for every little problem, are taking time away form real problems that come in for their nonsense, as well as making doctors over prescribe meds, which assists in breeding diseases immune to the drugs.  

People allegedly die from the Flu, but those people are usually weaker people medically, and it's called nature, so don't act like more people are dying because of the flu, but it's more because people today are weaker.

People, stop blindly believing what the Media is telling you, do some research on your own, and stop looking even more stupid than you probably are.