by Peter Marus

Over the past few weeks, I have been using Google+ more and more.  To me, it's a superior social network.  I find it more engaging than Facebook, and there's more to do on Google+ with a post than Facebook.  I like how Google+ has a community setup, where I find just as much news on there as I do on my RSS feeds.  I'm also someone who used a lot of Google's products, and the integration between Google+ and the other Google products makes it easier to share things I find on the Internet.  

I also generally find the people who use Google+ more engaging and there's better discussions on there than on Facebook.  Maybe because on Google+ there are more people like me on there, or I curate that network more than I do on Facebook, or just less people on Google+ trying to make it worth posting/reading it, but I fond it better there than of Facebook in general.  To be honest, I don't "post" on Facebook a lot-I usually have my Twitter feed pipe into it, and I read what others are saying on Facebook. I wouldn't have Facebook to be honest if all my friends aren't on there.  

I may try an experiment and not use facebook for a bit, but I haven't decided on how and what time period I would use for such an experiment.

I encourage you to at least look at Google+ or any tutorials out there about it.  I would encourage you to look especially if you have a Gmail account-you already have a Google+ account-because you can see how well all the Google products mix and use each other.  Facebook to me now seems clunky, and bloated with stuff added on to the basic setup that seems to weigh it down.  It reminds me of how iTunes is now-something that needs a good cleanup or fat-trimming to get it back to some form of an efficient program.  

I know privacy concerns are an issue to some with Google, but I will say at least Google is up front with what they will potentially do with you info-which you own on Google, unlike on Facebook-rather than what Facebook does and try to hide how they will use it.  Also at least Facebook won't potentially use my name in an ad on someone else's timeline saying to endorse a product just because I said I liked it.

Notice I didn't mention Twitter in all this.  I like Twitter and think there's much more value in their service compared to Facebook.  I'm not thrilled that Twitter is smacking the their party app makers in the face-since they DID help build Twitter up and even inspired Twitter to do some of the features that they now have-but they have a good product I like to use for news and info.