Honesty is better than professionalism

by Peter Marus

I've been trying something different with my handling of people and in my job search. Rather than pussyfooting around and trying to "sound professional", I am just being honest with people.

To me that seems like the more professional thing to do rather than sound fake and act somewhat deceptive to someone. Rather than give a fluff answer to a question or a fluff cover letter, I have been just blunt and simple with my answer. It throws people off a bit, but I find people are more receptive and seem to give a more accurate and truthful response back.

Granted many people also can't handle this type of action, and and can look at it like an aggressive move. But I've always said I'd rather fund out right away how someone will be with my attitude and actions now, rather lie to both me and the other person and string each other along. That never ends right.