The US austerity measures, you people wanted it.

by Peter Marus

Today seeing the BS/PR called the news astounds me. All involved in government, regardless of party, has completely fucked this country over yet again.

First, they tried to call this shitstorm "forced spending cuts". They didn't have the balls to call it what it is: half assed austerity measures. That would sound too dire, but it would be the truth, and prove how fucking useless the entire government is. They can't agree on lowered spending increases they have the balls to call cuts. Because neither Congress or Obama have the balls to do REAL cuts, they make lowered raises to already bloated government seem like "real cuts". Christ, they let this shit go for years and STILL chose not to do a goddamn thing.

This pissing contest is yet another problem your government has caused. Its not mine, I voted for everyone from Obama down out. But you retarded chumps decided that these childish nonsense is what YOU want. Well, I hope you are one who is laid off or fucked over to teach you a lesson about short sighted, shallow, ignorance in not looking at long term plans and really looking at the main problems.

But hey, the violence against women act was passed!!! So the guy who gets laid off today can get stiffer jail time if he hits his wife today. In Obama's eyes, GOVERNMENT WORKED!!!!

I'm sick of this garbage.