I realized I'm an old man when....

by Peter Marus

-I was going through my music collection and realized the music I grew up with is pinnacle of the art. What came before was just building up to it, and what came after is absolute garbage.

-I remember watching the original TV series and movies when they were on TV, and had to make a point to be home to see it.

-The originals of anything are much better than any remake.

-People when I grew up could take a joke, rather than get easily offensive

-People who played professional sports were ballplayers who played with their hearts, not athletes thinking of how pretty they look on ESPN.

-Parents allowed their kids play outside, get dirty and hurt to let them experience something

-People were allowed to choose to do what they want without having to be reminded its bad for you or have someone or something try to stop you "for your own good."

-People minded their damn business

-Kids were allowed to be kids. Not slaves to the educational system.

-Kids were allowed to "grow out of it" naturally, not have whatever they have "fixed" by mind numbing drugs.

-Parents were parents, and did the work. They didn't outsource parenting to outsiders

-I can watch a violent cartoon or anything provocative without having to hear from people I shouldn't

-White people were afraid of Ice-T and Ice Cube

-My mannerisms and how I act is slowly becoming more like my dad

-I am starting to think I don't have time in my life to do certain things, rather than plan to do something because I do have the time. I often thing at night the day was wasted, rather than tomorrow is another chance

-Some things I do now I wish I started years ago

-Mortality is starting to be on my mind.

-People in my life are starting to die off, slowly but they are.

I may be getting old, but I'm a Hell of a lot better than the youth. Louis CK said it Best: The old are always better because they have more experience than the young, which beats intelligence any day. Experience is intelligence you experience, not just learn. It may suck I'm getting old, but I'm proud of my level of experience I have.