Rant for today after reading countless tip articles written by "experts"

by Peter Marus

Is it wrong to think most of the articles about "how to get a job at any company" are BS, and are propagating the meme that if you want to work, you have to sacrifice YOUR life for the better good of the company hiring you? More and more companies seem to do that while scare people with the "you are replaceable" fear mongering.

I personally just want a job, and am only loyal to an employer beyond my paycheck. If I am not getting a piece of the company, I'm just a mercenary there to do the job by any means necessary. I'm not one who will jump through hoops for people who want me to live to work, not work to live.

Between companies adopting the "coal miner town" mentality of give your life to us for some crumbs, and the perpetual "work number of hours just below benefits line," on top of the memes that because I don't count in the official jobless numbers, I'm lazy and gave up, its hard to not have a massive chip on the shoulder and aggressive outlook to the job hunt.

Just needed to get this out.