WIndows 8

by Peter Marus

For the past couple weeks I have been using Windows 8 mostly.  I have it installed on my 2008 iMac, and have been running it via VMWare Fusion.  So far, for a 5 year old computer that is slowly dying, it's running pretty good.  The Windows score is piss poor, but on the hardware I have, it's running OK.  I tried running 8 as it was supposed to, but after a couple days, I had to put on the "classic shell" add-on, and it made it able to use a start menu again and it boots to desktop directly, not what Microsoft changed the start menu to.

I don't hate how Microsoft re-did Windows 8, I sort of get the plan-unite all the UIs to make it seamless from a desktop to mobile, but seeing that touch monitors and the general concensus is that what Microsoft was doing was fine (I think 7 was the best operating system out there-even better than OSX), its a tough thing to do.  If the OS had options to set it up for the hardware it's installed, and gave a level of customization so maybe people who want to try the more mobile setup on their desktop can, I think people wouldn't have been so critical.  

Most of what I am doing is getting used to Windows again.  I also am planning on down the road to build my next computer, one for a daily driver, gaming, and media in the living room.  I wanted to get re accustomed to the OS, and I miss playing around with it. As much as I am using Windows, I'm not really keeping too much on the "hard drive".  Most of what I used is cloud based now, and what I do have is backed up on the Mac side.  This is a temporary computer on my Mac, and when I do build my PC, most of what is on this computer-PC and Mac side-will be transferred to it.