Memory of Gold Cup 2009 and the BS I got for saving a kid's life

by Peter Marus

I said on social media the other day that the CONCACAF Gold Cup, the regions soccer championship, brought up a memory that still sours me.  I said I was going to write about it so here it goes.


The Gold Cup 2009 Quarterfinals was scheduled in Philadelphia, and the US was playing there.  I went down with some members of the Empire Supporters Club to watch the game.  After some time traveling to Philly from NYC (taking NJ transit to the regional line, to the subway to the stadium) , we were in the parking lot with other US fans tailgating.  As usual, people were drinking, and it was a really hot day.  I was drinking that much because I hate being drunk in the heat.  Now, the ESC has one kid, who I'll call the self-hating Jew (he often says he sides with the Nazis and yells out anti-Semitic stuff when he's drunk), who all he does is gets drunk,. acts a fool, and somehow isn't kicked out for his behavior.  


This day was no different.  He was doing his usual drunken bullshit, but this time he decided at one point to take a ton of soccer scarves and wrap them around him.  Again, it's hot as Hell in this lot and he is putting think scarves around himself.  Some people where there telling him to stop, but no one was doing anything.  One of the Capos of the ESC who was there asked me to help.  He said we have to get them off him.  So I said I"d help.  As people where there talking, doing nothing to help really, I walked up, and started to rip them off him, which led to him falling out of his chair.  As soon as he hit the floor, people jumped in to pull me off, and I was pulled away from the situation.  I was then told I was too rough and in short scolded for trying to save this guys life.  At that point, I was so fed up with this accepted BS culture at soccer games of "he's drunk and breaking club runes, but he's funny so it's OK", I blurted out loudly "Fuck him then, let him die!" and walked off.  The Capo again came to defend the Self-hating Jew, and then ran to the ESC leader to tell him what happened.  


Later on, I had a meeting with the leaders of the ESC where I was told I was close to being banned form the club over the incident.  No one had my back or defended me over it, especially this Capo.  I laughed over this since the leaders and this capo tried to sabotage the Philly group leaders as far as US songs/chants during the game (rule is whoever is the local Supporters Club runs the section as far as songs and stuff).  They did more to sully the ESC name, but me being asked to help save a guys health from himself is the bigger problem.  After this was when the relationship with me and the ESC leaders turned not good.


I pissed me off, as it does now, that I am asked to do something then yelled at because I got the job done in a way someone is upset about it.  I have a job to do, I will do it my way unless told how someone wants it done, and I don't care who is upset.  The job is done, shut up.  I'm just irritated I have to deal with a backlash  over it.  


That's the story.