Job search update.

by Peter Marus

I decided to put my stress and nerves on the side for a bit to address some of you about my job search. I'll put it in simple terms: I'm in the "fucked" category. I have experience, but its too much and makes me overqualified for some, or not enough for others. I also am of the generation where I will not have a job define my life, where I live to work for someone. I only work to live. I want to get my hours in, leave when I am done, and do what I want without anything hanging over me. Seems like people these days are happy to be slaves and have their life dictated by someone else. I'm not. Let me answer a couple questions I have been getting:

"Are you trying hard enough?"

First off, FUCK YOU if you don't think I am. I spend my mornings and nights on Craigslist, Linkedin, careerbuilder, monster, Indeed, and God knows what other sites looking at postings and responding. On average, my resume goes to 40-60 job postings A DAY. So its not lack of trying on my part.

"Why not try for a lower level position to get a foot in the door?"

I have been, that's where I'm told I'm "overqualified" by people. See, people are afraid I'll leave when something better comes along, but its a simple fix: make me want to stay. Why would I look elsewhere if I'm happy where I am. There's also the situation the person hiring won't hire me because they are afraid I'll replace them. Fair point, since if they are afraid means they are right. I'd probably do better than them and get their job.

At first I didn't want to try for a lower position, since last company I worked for I did that, and they took advantage of that. But I'm grasping for anything.

"Have you tried Stop and Shop, Home Depot, *insert large retailer*?"

Yes, again I'm overqualified. Again they are afraid of me leaving if something else comes along. I also won't be hired because I won't agree to have open availability for every shift. I have other interests and I want to be able to do them. I don't want my free time dictated like they would want to. The money they are "offering" isn't at the level where they should even have the right to ask for that concession.

Also not to sound like an asshole, but I went to college to NOT end up in a job like that. I endured college and worked my ass off to not having to settle for a job like that. I also know that I am not mentally or physically damaged, which puts me at a disadvantage to get hired (these companies like to hire the "special" people to try to not look heartless).

"Have you tried friends or family to see if they can get you a job?"

Yes, and some people have been more than helpful. But some either have helped and their bosses said no (again, overqualified), or some haven't bothered but said they have. Whatever, people choose to do what they want to do.

Some help I haven't accepted because I want to "earn my spot" and earn my job. See one of my other entries about that.

"Have you thought of going back to school?"

Did some, but time to make money. Can't keep staying out of the market. Its apparently harmed me now, any longer may make worse. May look at volunteering work, but I want a paying job.

"Why not try and see if your old job will take you back?"


That ship passed, and to tell you how much they wanted me and how much they said they valued me. NOT ONE phone call or anything from them since I left.

"Maybe you should sacrifice a bit more..."

No, NO! This is what's wrong with society today. Sacrificing too much for others and then they get screwed because of it. I refuse to sacrifice more than I have. I refuse to sacrifice for a job, I give an inch they will take a mile. Trust me, in this climate people should look out for themselves more, and forget the "team" or "family" they are supposedly a part of, that "team" or "family" will easily go for your neck the second things get bad (been there, done that).

I hope this gives you a picture of what's going on. I've been honest with potential employers, and now I have been with you.