New York Cosmos thoughts

by Peter Marus

I watched the videos of the first two NY Cosmos games, as well as the old NASL archived stuff.  I like the idea of the Cosmos being around in the sense of having a team on Long Island.  It's a nice alternative to MLS.  The league is ran how I'd like a league to be ran (split seasons, where the "season" is played in halves, and the winners of the halves meet for the championship, autonomous teams).  Sure, the level of play isn't the worlds best, but it's still damn entertaining.   

It bugs me that some fans in the area dismiss it as "minor league", or have some sort of hatred to the Cosmos.  I don't get it where the fear of them comes from.  I don't have an issue with the team here, more soccer in the area the better, and I want to go see a game one Saturday.  My only issue is their using the pat as a crutch.  It's OK to acknowledge it, as they should, but they should not use it as the basis of their marketing.  First it's insulting to the current team and staff.  Second, this is a remake (or reboot as they put it), and using the history can lead to unattainable goals and expectations that could lead to some fans to be let down and stop following the team.  Look at the majority of remakes of movies where you have seen the original and the new one, and how disappointed you were with the new one.  I really hope they move from relying on their past and focus on the local players, and potential stars, on today's team.


I have followed soccer in this area for decades, and it's an exciting time these days.  I am a fan of the Red Bulls, and I may be a fan of the Cosmos also.  I will support local soccer in this area, something local Eurotrash or wannabe Eurotrash seem to not want to do.  I have tones of more respect for someone who would   come out and say they are RBNY and Cosmos fans, than saying they are "diehard" supporter some Eurotrash team.


I encourage you to go support the local soccer team, be it an MLS, NASL, USL, or any team.  Get involved with the local soccer community.  Stop trying to be Eurotrash, and be proud of soccer in this country and do your part to make it grow.