The Grand Funk Railroad of world soccer

by Peter Marus

MLS is an American league. Its a shame many in this country aren't proud of it, or at least appreciative of it. I've watched this league since its birth, and its somewhat of a miracle It's still going strong.

Recently some American players have returned to play in it after some time overseas. They had opportunities to play at some major teams in Europe, but the wanted to come back. Some have complained that MLS teams shouldn't pay big bucks for them, and should get some washed up Eurotrash instead.

That bothers me as much as the MLS "All star' game being MLS all stars against some Eurotrash team, like the entire MLS is weaker than one Euro team. Teams do games like this in their world nations for a quick paycheck and an easy training session. Well the US is not a third world country, and MLS is not a third rate league. I find it insulting that MLS goes that route.

Another irksome thing is the fact that a good number of the teams are foreign owned, or not locally owned. To me that isn't good when a team's owners are not a part of the community, or at least won't hire locally. It kills me seeing so many ex-MLS players who want to be coaches in this league get passed over by someone who does not know anything about MLS or American players.

Above all, I hate how the fans and people in the American soccer scene wants it like Europe. Last I checked, we are GODDAMN Americans, Europe-especially the UK-would be nothing but a rest stop for the Germans if Americans didn't do the hard work for them. But this country has some sick "I wish they were our daddy" attitude. It is disgusting.

I want American soccer distinctly American. I want some of the old MLS and NASL rules, like no ties-after 90 mins there is a shootout. I want a best of three playoff format, not a boring "aggregate goal" format. Accepting ties in a game is a world thing, and the world is mediocre and never going for the win.

FTW, WE ARE THE MIGHTY US. let's do things out way.