Wrestling history

by Peter Marus

I subscribe to the WWE Network.  I am a wrestling fan.  I love it not only for all the new pay per views and original stuff the have in it, but the past events from all the past promotions.  Seeing some of the old WCW, ECW, and other promotions makes me appreciate the sport and see the evolution (or devolution) to what is wrestling today.  It also gives insight to memories I have and the thing I read or heard about in the past.  There are also shows pointing out and talking about these events and characters in wrestling, often by those who knew and worked at the time.  One thing all this has shown is that wrestling back then was a true fraternity one didn't just go to a school and learn how it works.  Guys had to earn the respect and even a chance to be a part of it.  Today is so different and I think how to get in today is such a bad way.  Many new guys aren't tested by older guys to see who has the heart and desire to make it a living. Also there isn't a "respect the sport" attitude the old guys drilled into a new wrestler.  

I encourage anyone who was a fan to look at the WWE network, read any former wrestlers books, or listen to the podcasts done by those who used to be in wrestling to learn and appreciate what pro wrestling was and is today.