College football playoff

by Peter Marus

I like how it's set up.  The commission seems really well selected and so far the rankings are very fair and accurate of where each major schools should be ranked.  I always like college football despite half the teams in Division 1 end up in a bowl (gives the "everyone gets rewarded" mentality), ESPN on the SEC's jock like they are for the ACC in basketball, and Notre Dame In general.  I'm looking forward to see how it all works out.  

Side note: Penn State looks mediocre now, but when they get all their scholarships back and if their recruit class pans out, they will be back at the top.

One more PSU note.  I hope they sue the NCAA for all its worth after the disgusting and malicious actions they took.  Look at the facts of their "investigation" and how grumpy their work is, and you'll see how unfair PSU was treated.