Mental dump 11/24

by Peter Marus

-Despite the stories about Uber, I will continue to use it.  I haven't had a bad experience using their service, and I don't have to deal with lazy, somewhat racist drivers who refuse to take me to certain neighborhoods in NYC, or even the outer boroughs.  Usually taxi and some car service drivers won't leave Manhattan.  I haven't had an issue with Uber as far as this goes, and the cars used are MUCH cleaner and nicer.  I used it Saturday night to go from Midtown Manhattan to Downtown Brooklyn, with no problems or issues.  I also used it with my girlfriend to get to her place after the event we went to and again, no issues.  Take from all the stories you want, but I find Uber a better option in NYC over yellow taxis or other car service.

 -Last week did something I haven't had in a while: lit a fire under me.  I haven't had any "fight" in me for a while and just felt static.  Then I heard about how a business is trying to screw me and some others over while lying to another person.  After hearing that, I did what I can to prove the lies wrong and call this guy out on his bs.  I'm going to try to keep this fire in me and use it in other parts of life.