Work Dump

by Peter Marus

I wear a suit at my job, but don't make suit wearing money.

I am told in training how much value I have, but in reality my role is to just be a fulfillment of an insurance policy clause. 

The client I work for give me limits of my job, but I am to blame when those handcuffs stop me from doing my job. 

The clients' employees are nice, but remind me often my place.

My life seems to be revolving around my shift, sometimes encroaching on my private life. 

My peers don't care for the job, but will report me just to try to get my spot.

The employees have an infatuation with the company they work for, and expect me to care as much

The only time I have to feel like more than garbage is the short half hour I have for lunch, but that is very early in my shift.   

I get to work early, most employees don't.  I guess I care about my work more than they care about theirs. 

I can't take a day off without taking a hit to my paycheck, it makes me have to prioritize what's important. 

I can't do the right thing for those I love without feeling I may have a negative impact to my position. 

I look for a better job, but the hours free I have I use more to cope with this BS job.

When I get my paycheck, I don't feel pride, but feel it's not going to last past the next day.   

The more I am in this job, the more I fear I'm stuck.

I often feel I'm the smartest kid in the class, but the advanced class doesn't want me.

I have no leverage.

I am better than this job.

I should be making more than I do.