What to write about on 11/6?

by Peter Marus

What to write about?  I am trying to write more daily entries again, to try to improve my writing skills.  I try to, but a lot of times I’m too tired to write.  My job has me on my feet all day, while making me analyze and follow everything around me.  It’s an exhausting job.  It sucks when I would love to go to BJJ class at night to see a lot of my friends I haven’t trained with in a while, but my legs feel like lead, my mind is mush, and I’m just in a bad mood mentally.  I go in the mornings when I can, sometimes I oversleep and miss training.  I have to try to keep my alarm clock/phone away from my bed to make me get up to shut it off.  That would lessen my chance of falling back asleep. 

 Wise, it’s there and looks like more is coming soon with the holiday season coming.  I’m lost likely going to work 6-7 days a week with several hours extra each day near Christmas.  , which I’m not fond of.  But at the same time, I could use the money.  I’m stuck in a rock and a hard place, and I want to get out of all of it.  I alluded to it in a previous entry.  I’m better than this, and I want a job to show that.  I’m trying to not let my biggest fear set in: accepting this mediocre position and live as a mediocre person.  I’m not mediocre, I’m better than that.

I bought an Office 365 subscription recently, and am actually writing this entry on it.  I wanted it because Google Docs and any alternative to Office suck quite frankly.  I don’t like them that much.  I also wanted to refresh my Office suite skills.  I saw a subscription card for Office 365 on Amazon for $70 and decided to get it.  So far it’s a nice suite of the familiar programs I remember using.  There are other features I haven’t touched yet but would like to soon.