Mental dump 12/12

by Peter Marus

I've had a busy time since I posted.  Between working and family issues, I just haven't had the energy or time really to do anything here.  It sucks since I've had many ideas for topics to write about.  I'll try to book some down here just to write them down and then not have them bounce in my head (though I will say it gives me something to use when my job is slow and it keeps my mind active).  

First is how sad the politics have gotten so "gang" mentality.  I guess it's always been like that, but in the past 20 years it's gotten out of hand.  It used to be if you were a Republican or Democrat, you believed a certain core beliefs.  But some others you had that were aligned with "the other side".  It's a shame that it's no longer there, since those who crossed the line in some aspects were vital in getting both parties to work together.  Now it's you are red or blue, there is no compromise.  Sometimes it's blindly following the ethos of your "gang".  This clear line is what's killing the country.  We need more "middle men" to get consensus on things. 

The other big thing on my mind is just thinking through my employment situation and what needs to change, but what other parts of my life have to adapt if I make a career change.  One night I'll go through the thought process here.

Some quick hits: 

-Fuck Diabetes

-Women heart attacks and how to spot one is harder than a man having one.  Everyone should learn the difference.

-Kids movies are brutal on me.  Between the fucked up dark premises they are based on or start off with are tough, but the endings hit me hard.  I cried at the end of "Toy Story 3" the other night.

-With the amount of work I do and the physical nature of it, I haven't gotten to do things like clean or get better organized.