Ps4 so far

by Peter Marus

I've had one for a while. So far I am enjoying it. After going through getting a replacement one after a fan in the first one I had was bad, it's up and running fine. I still have and play games on my PC, and I do plan on getting as many of the top games coming onto PC like "Watch Dogs", but some of the exclusives and sports games got me to get a PS4.

So far the games look and play great. One thing I like but wish it was a little better is the PS Vita remote play feature. It works as it should be since the Vita doesn't have the same number of buttons as a PS4 controller, some of them have to be used on the touchpad behind the Vita. It's something you have to get used to, but I prefer a controller. The feature works when needed.

I haven't played too much with the streaming features, but I do have Twitch and Ustream accounts now (pmarus78). I've watched some, and it's a range of good to garbage, so it's on par with the Internet in general.

So far so good.