Kids these days...

by Peter Marus

Between the school shootings and seeing what garbage that is graduating from college. Kids today are soft, spoiled, trash that have a huge sense of entitlement.  It's the result of having both extremes of parenting, either neglectful or over protective, happening today.  It's also the result of a failed society that has decided to make everyone feel like a winner and award mediocrity, rather than just the successful.  Because of this, the current generation and the ones in the future feel as if they are almost owed whatever they want, and they don't have to earn it.  If they don't get it, they throw a tantrum and cry some sort of unfairness to them, and then are coddled even more.  Some extremes are the shootings in the news-usually a result of a kid not learning to stand up for himself and lashing out with a gun.

Recently, I thought about an idea who's time has come.  Once a kid graduates high school, that summer he or she should be sent to a boot camp to have their system shocked and whatever garbage thoughts and sense of entitlement taken out of them.  It would be a camp in the middle of nowhere that would force these kids to be self reliant, teach them how important earning even the most simple things like water or a shower is more valuable than just asking for and expecting it.  Also, self defense .  It would be a camp of extremes to get a kid to realize the real world isn't soft or cuddly.  It's a world where you are the one who has to take charge of your life and do what it takes to earn the spot in theis world you want.